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Competitive Swimming is an ever changing industry...the newest splash is the High-Tech Suits. Do they work?
Competitive Swimming is an ever changing industry...the newest splash is the High-Tech Suits. Do they work?

New Hi Tech Swim Suits Do They Work?
Rick Pannell
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Competitive Swimming is an ever changing industry.

When you take a look at the Hi Tech Swim Suits on the market today you have to wonder when is a enough enough?

Speedo LZR Racer, TYR Tracer Rise and the Blue Seventy have taken swimming by storm in the last 6 months. American Records, World Records and NCAA Records are dropping like flies, but is it the athlete or is the suit? In the olden days (just a few years ago) swimmers were shaving their heads, their bodies and wearing the smallest of swim suits just to take tenths of a second off their LTB. However, today more coverage is in and records are falling at an astounding pace.

Lets first start with the technology, fluid dynamics, NASA, The Flume, The Aqua Lab are all key elements in manufacturing the fastest competitive swimsuit on the market. The Speedo LZR Racer has a hydrodynamic construction that compresses the body into a tube, reducing drag while at the same time improving muscle performance. TYR also boosts their swim suit is the fastest on the planet with as much technology to back it up as a NASA shuttle rocket booster.

So what is it the advancement of modern science, phenomenal athletes, great coaches or the "mojo" the swimmer feels when the Super Man Cape comes on? One thing is for sure all parts make a whole but with the ever changing Hi Tech swimwear industry the psychological edge has to go with the swimmer in the swim suit.

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