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Feature Articles

BlueSeventy works hard to adhere to all FINA guidelines for swimsuit innovation
BlueSeventy works hard to adhere to all FINA guidelines for swimsuit innovation

FINA Rules on the BlueSeventy

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A message from BlueSeventy:

With regard to FINA's ruling on swimsuit technology, we at blueseventy are pleased that the process is complete and there is now some clarity on the changes that need to happen.
We look forward to the specifics so we can bring to market a product that both meets the new guidelines and ensures that the world class athletes who choose blueseventy can continue to benefit from the very latest in swimsuit technology.
We are delighted that FINA has acted to review the rules and we would like to reiterate that, both before and after the new FINA rulings following the meeting last month with all swimsuit manufacturers, every single one of our suits is (and always had been FINA approved) Demand for our swimsuits is at an all time high with a sales increase of a staggering 800% in the last four months.
We want to reassure our many customers all over the world that our existing product will continue to be available until December 2009 when the new guidelines will come into place. In the meantime, we are excited about the product that we have under development, and have had for some time, that we will launch in 2010 and we are confident that blueseventy's growing dominance in competitive swimming will continue. Whilst we may be relative newcomers to the pool, our credentials in open water and triathlon speak for themselves and we want to continue to lead the innovation trail.
We at blueseventy are extremely proud of the huge strides we have taken in the development of cutting edge swimsuit technology and totally support and remain 100% committed to making sure we continue to work with FINA, our governing body, in order to adhere to all guidelines for swimsuit innovation both in the pool and open water.

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