High-tech suits such as Speedo's LZR Racer have had an overwhelming effect on the sport.
High-tech suits such as Speedo's LZR Racer have had an overwhelming effect on the sport.

FINA Announcement Overview & Speedo Statement

FINA Announcement Overview

FINA has "adopted new rules for the high-tech suits that helped produce more than 100 world records since their introduction just over a year ago," stipulating that swimsuits "should not cover the neck and will not extend past the shoulders and ankles," according to the Associated Press. FINA Saturday in a statement said the regulations, which "will be in place" for the July 17 world championships in Rome, limit suits to a "maximum thickness" of 0.04 inches. Suits also will be subject to a "restricted buoyancy effect." The new regulations also "ban external aids for the swimmer, such as pain reduction or electro-stimulation." FINA added that starting in 2010, it will "limit the use of non-permeable materials in the suits and only recognize results as world records achieved in swimwear it has approved." Future submissions "will need to be made 12 months in advance of a world championship or an Olympic Games." FINA will publish a "list of approved models and these will be used in competition starting" January 1, 2010. The AP piece noted the "debate about changing the rules governing swimwear resulted from the overwhelming effect that the introduction of high-tech suits such as Speedo's LZR Racer have had on the sport" (Associated Press, 3/14).

Speedo Statement

Speedo is delighted that FINA has clarified the rules and regulations around swimwear approval. Speedo has always supported FINA's position on swimsuit regulations and approvals. We have followed these fully in the development of all of our Elite Swim range.

Speedo's entire Elite Swim collection, including Speedo LZR Racer, meets all current rules and regulations and our products will continue to meet the new standards.

Speedo has been a leader in performance swimwear for over 80 years and we will continue to pioneer innovation within the sport of swimming.

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