The Sport of Swimming is Going Green
The Sport of Swimming is Going Green

Turning Old Suits into Green Energy
Save the Suit, Save the Planet!

Don't throw away another swimsuit... Recycle it at Pannell Swim Shop!

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Pannell Swim Shop is turning old suits into green energy. We are proud to be joining the eco-friendly movement in an innovative way. By partnering with a Kentucky-based green energy company, we will be turning what would be thrown into a trash or dumpster (your old, dirty, worn-out suits) into hazardous-emission-free electricity. Who said water and electricity don't mix?

Please join us in our Save the Suit, Save the Planet campaign!

Contest Details

$500 Shopping Spree to Pannell Swim Shop to the swim team or individual who brings in the most suits. Please tag your suits with your name and/or team name, and bring us as many as you can before the contest ends! You may send or drop off your worn out suits to:

Pannell Swim Shop

148 West Tiverton

Lexington, KY 40503

Check back here for contest updates.

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"Save the Suit! Save the Planet!" Campaign?

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