Michael Phelps wins 5 Gold Medals at FINA World Championships

The sport of swimming reached new non-Olympic interest levels this past week as a perfect storm of Michael Phelps, swimsuit wars, world records, and live NBC coverage put Speedo and the FINA World Championships at the top of the headlines and TV ratings.

Of course, it was Michael Phelps that deservedly captured most of the attention, with a spellbinding 5 gold medal, 4 world record performance, highlighted by his emotional victory over 100m butterfly rival Milorad Cavic of Serbia. The attached image will join the most iconic Speedo imagery of all time, as Phelps defiantly grabs his LZR Racer in celebration of becoming the first swimmer under 50 seconds in the 100m butterfly.

In the coming days, we'll give you an update on the new FINA elite suit rulings and how Speedo will continue to be the leading performance swim brand in the pool.

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