Blueseventy NeroTX Approved by NCAA

12 January 2010

NeroTX Approved by NCAA

The NCAA has given the thumbs up to blueseventy's neroTX swimskin, ensuring that swimmers

can wear the suits at forthcoming Conference meets and the NCAA Championships.

Furthermore, swimmers with a banned swimskin can trade it in for a 50% discount on a new

neroTX suit.

The new suit features the very latest in modern textile fabric technology, making as much up to

the minute technology as possible available to the swimmer.

CEO Steve Nicholls commented: "The body suit has been banished, but a new generation of

suits is now ready to take their place. The neroTX has been extensively tested by scientists and

swimmers. Whilst staying within FINAs latest guidelines, we've produced a super light weight,

compressive, hydrophobic material that repels water effectively and drastically decreases drag.

"We've applied the same passion for design and innovation to the neroTX that turned the record

breaking blueseventy nero into the top selling race suit in the world."

The neroTX is made from a unique highly compressive, ultra low drag, water smart fabric.

blueseventy's exclusive fabric is produced using a warp multifilament treated nylon, with an

extremely thin yarn count. The entire neroTX range is ultrasonically welded, further eliminating

the drag that's created from traditionally sewn suits.

Nicolls added: "We are committed to bringing innovation into swimming and have also

developed a carbon fibre goggle that is lighter and faster than any other goggle we have tested.

We're constantly looking at technology from other sports that we can apply to the water to help

swimmers go faster."

The brand new Nero range will be available now. Swimmers with a 2009 nero swimskin are

eligible for 50% off the price of a new suit and should visit for more

details of the unique buy back scheme.

About blueseventy

blueseventy, aptly named to suggest 70% of the earth covered in water, is the world leader in triathlon

and open water wetsuits, swimskins and googles. Since 1993, the Seattle-based company has designed,

tested, refined and crafted products using superior materials and revolutionary details that equate to

comfort, freedom from restriction and ultimately a competitive advantage in the water. blueseventy

products have instilled confidence in beginners as well as carried world-class athletes to victory.

blueseventy products can be found in more than 250 retail locations across the U.S. and in 30 countries.

For more information, visit The water is open.

blueseventy buyback scheme details

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the nero buy back button

  3. A form will pop up

  4. Complete the form with

    • Name

    • Email

    • Name of the store product was purchased from

    • Date of purchase

    • SC number (link on how to find SC number

    • Size (drop down menu)

    • Model (drop down menu)

  5. An email will be sent with a single use promotional code

  6. Go to

  7. Purchase a new neroTX using the promo code previously received

  8. Send banned product along with proof of purchase to to;

    Blueseventy Care of Buy Back Program

    117 West Denny Way Suite 215

    Seattle, WA 98119

  9. Acceptable proof of purchase

    • Invoice from blueseventy

    • Receipt from retail location the suit was purchased

    • Debit or credit card statement showing the transaction (other line items may be blacked out for your privacy).

    • Suit will be dispatched to you on receipt of your old suit and proof of purchase.

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