Swimming Gifts for the Holidays
Mat Luebbers

  1. Swim MP3 Player

    Swimming with music? The Finis SwiMP3 underwater MP3 player allows swimmers to listen to hours of their favorite music during a swim workout. It utilizes bone conduction, the direct transfer of sound vibrations from the cheek bone to the inner ear while swimming, to provide underwater sound clarity. It's fully waterproof and can be used with all swimming strokes.

  2. Center Mount Swimmer's Snorkel by Finis

    One more from Finis! The Center Mount Swimmer's Snorkel over the face design allows a swimmer to use goggles while swimming with a snorkel. This design reduces drag and tension otherwise felt with side mount snorkels. Swimmers with neck, back, or shoulder problems can swim with reduced tension on the injured area because they do not have to turn their head to breathe Allowing the swimmer to keep their face down in the water and concentrate on and watch their stroke is a great way to improve on stroke mechanics.

  3. Swim Caps

    Swim caps can protect a swimmer's hair, keep hair out of a swimmer's face, keep a swimmer warmer, help to make them more streamlined and faster, or just make a statement! They come in materials like latex, silicone, and neoprene. One of these swim caps may be just what your swimmer wants for their next swim workout or race.

  4. Swim Goggles

    See where you are going while swimming by wearing goggles! Every swimmer shold use goggles to protect their eyes from the effects of particles or chemicals in the water. YOu will find a pair of goggles for you or your favorite swimmer among these chocies from Aquajogger, TYR, Nike, Speedo, TUSA, Sea Vision, Reebok, and others.

  5. Kickboards for Swimmers

    Get your swimmer their own kickboard. They won't need to depend upon the swimming pool's supply of kick boards to be clean and available if they have their own board!

  6. Pull Floats and Pull Buoys

    To help swimmers focus on their pull they sometimes utilize a pull buoy or pull float. Pulling device can also help keep a swimmer's feet afloat for proper body position and create varying degrees of drag. And just like owning your own kick board, owning your own pull buoy means you always know where it has been!

  7. Timex Ironman Watches

    Timex Ironman watches are great for swimmers. They are waterproof, have large displays, and feature a variety of timing formats with split functions. Like having a pace clock on your wrist.

  8. Men's, Women's, Boy's, and Girl's Swimwear and Swimsuits

    Swimsuits from Speedo, Arena. Tyr, Finis, Nike, and more. Swim wear from board shorts to competitive styles to bikinis to beach wear, you can find swimwear or a swimsuit for any swimmer to wear in and around the swimming pool or beach here.

  9. Grab Bag Discounted Swimsuits

    Looking for a less expensive swimsuit for the swimmer on your list? Maybe a grab bag suit is what you want! These are usually overstock or discontinued patterns. Nothing wrong with them, just a good suit at a good price.

  10. Swimmer's Backpack - A Way to Carry All of this Swimming Gear

    Need a way for your swimmer to carry their gear to and from the swimming pool? How about a swimmer's backpack?

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