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Swimmers, Think Powerful Thoughts and Manage Your Swimming Like a Pro
Matt Luebbers
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Being a successful swimmer is not just something you do in the water. It follows you everywhere you go in life. Being successful in the pool means thinking successfully out of the pool as well. It means expecting the best - of yourself and of others. It means never being satisfied with anything that is second-rate, but demanding excellence of yourself in all areas of your life. Powerful thoughts.

The easiest way to be successful at anything is to become a successful person. This means thinking and behaving the way a successful person would think and behave - and this will always bring good results. When you immerse your subconscious mind into a pool of new thoughts - filled with power, strength, excellence, courage etc, it will begin to automatically steer you in the direction of success.

Probably the easiest way to do this is to hang around successful people! For instance, if you are an excellent swimmer, it is reasonable to say that if you constantly hung around with people like Ian Thorpe, Pieter van den Hoogenband or Inge De Bruijn for long enough, you would begin taking on their habits of success, and eventually your results would escalate dramatically.

Of course, you don't have to be in their company to do this; you can find out what the successful swimmers do and begin to make some of their successful habits your own. They call this 'modeling success' - which (in swimming) means to copy successful swimmers of your choice and begin to take on some of their successful habits which you like, or can identify with.

Another simple way to do this is to ask yourself regularly "how would Ian (or Pieter / Gary / Inge / Lenny etc) handle this?" The chances are that if you take the option you consider they would take, then it will probably be the right one. Begin taking the powerful option, by thinking big and expecting the best.

Begin also knowing from now on that YOU are in control of your own thoughts. You, and only you. Always. You never need ever get angry or frustrated again - it is all up to you what you choose to think. No-one can ever bother you again, or make you intimidated, anxious, fearful, etc - unless you let them.

You have total control over the way you think and act - you are not at the mercy of the world, as so many people seem to think. Take back your power instead of giving it to others, and know that nothing need bother you ever again. Better still, know that it will only bother you if you ALLOW it to bother you.

This way you remain in complete mental control - and when you control your mind, you control your body as well. The swimmer who manages their thoughts and life the best outside the pool, will probably also manage their swims best in the pool. The top swimmers have to become absolute masters at handling outside pressures such as media attention, public expectation, as well as the usual stuff like training, meets, friends etc - and this is what you need to be able to do also, in order to succeed.

Begin managing your life like a professional. Cool, calm and efficient. In the pool, and out. Think powerful thoughts. Together, these can only bring strong results.


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