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Training Center continued

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How to Swim Breaststroke
Hi, I am Coach Roger from the Scenic City Aquatic Club here at McCallie School, and today we are going to learn how to do the breaststroke. . . . keep reading

"Aquatic High Jump Drill"
Coach Huseman
To begin, you'll need a hollow noodle floatie that has a smooth surface and a 10 foot piece of quarter inch nylon rope. . . . keep reading

Excited All Over Again: Getting Back Into Swimming Workouts
Robert Watson
Tips For Swimmers Getting Back Into The Swimming Pool . . . keep reading

Visualization is the Key to Your Success
Craig Townsend
Many people ask me "what's a really 'MAGIC' technique? What's the quickest, easiest and best technique to use in mental training?" - and this should probably be a difficult question to answer... but I have no hesitation in giving them this reply. Visualization. . . . keep reading

Belief - An Essential For Success
Craig Townsend
The most potent weapon a swimmer can possess in their armory is a powerful, unquenchable belief in themselves. . . . keep reading

Torres' Tips to help you stay Healthy as You Age
12 Olympic swimming medalist and super mom Dara Torres hopes to inspire others to stay active and healthy in 2011. At 41, she won three silver medals while swimming during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. . . . keep reading

Heat vs. Ice: Best Practices for Treating an Injury
By Dr. Roger P. Smith, D.C.
Injuries can take your training to a standstill. With a better understanding of your injury and proper treatment, you can get back in the game faster than before. As health care provider, I suggest icing an acute injury and heating a chronic injury. . . . keep reading

Perfect Your Flip Turn With Natalie Coughlin
presented by H2O Audio
Listen to Natalie Coughlin coach you through a perfect flip turn as she leads by example! . . . keep reading

Swimming Freestyle - The Fastest Way to Perfect Swimming Technique
Brenton Ford
You don't have to train harder if you train smarter... . . . keep reading

How to Avoid the 4 Biggest Breathing Mistakes in Freestyle Swimming
By Brenton Ford
Four breathing mistakes made freestyle, as well as how you can overcome them. . . . keep reading

3,000 Yard Workout Made Fun
Dice it up with Strokes & Equipment - 400 free warm up, stretch it out with long strokes. Mix in back and breast on the last 100 - 4 x 300 (alte . . . keep reading

Key Points for a Swimming Streamline - Things to check for in a swimmer's streamline
Mat Luebbers
.small {line-height: 175%} p.big {line-height: 200%} p.header {font-family:verdana, helvetica, arial;font-size:20px;color:#006699} How . . . keep reading

Swimmers, Increase Your Swimming Efficiency - Play Swim Golf
By Mat Luebbers
To learn how to get more out of each stroke, play a game of Golf! This simple swimming drill will help swimmers develop better swimming technique, improved efficiency, and sense of pace. Here's how: . . . keep reading

Getting Started Swimming
Matt Luebbers
So, you want to improve your swimming ability or swim competitively, but aren't sure about the next step - or you have taken time off and want to "get back in the swim?" . . . keep reading

Swim Training Plan - Build to 500 Meters or Yards
Matt Luebbers
Want to get a swim workout routine going, but think you are a weak swimmer and won't be able to do it? . . . keep reading

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