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Stay in the know about store specials, promos, sales and special events.
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Training Center

Training Center continued

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Natalie Coughlin answers questions and gives advice
. . . . keep reading

Michael Phelps answers questions and gives advice
. . . . keep reading

Swimming for Fitness
Toby Huseman
You don't have to go to run on a treadmill to get fit. Swimming is an excellent way to keep in shape for those who don't enjoy going to the gym and . . . keep reading

Stretching For Swimmers - 4 Warm-up Exercises Every Swimmer Must Know
Brenton Ford
If you're wondering how to swim fast everyday, do these pre-training static exercises. . . . keep reading

Diversify Your Workout
How to Diversify your Workout: - 300 warm up stretch it out - 4 x 200 free using training paddles with 20 sec rest between each - 3 x 300 (100 . . . keep reading

2,500 Yard Workout
Training 2500 Yards No brainier.........6 minute Hot shower! - 400 free nice & easy, long strokes - 2 x 300, 200, 100 (crank out the 100) 30 s . . . keep reading

Don't Get Bored Swimming a Mile
Thinking swimming 1,650 straight is boring? Try this. . . . keep reading

1000 Yards Quick Workout
For a workout in a hurry, try this. . . . keep reading

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