TYR Avictor Omaha Nights Female Closed Back

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Born out of a collaboration between the industry’s top experts and the world’s most elite athletes, the TYR Limited Edition Avictor Omaha Nights Female Closed Back Kneeskin Tech Suit is TYR’s fastest, most innovative swimsuit. Showcasing an unprecedented combination of advanced features, this limited edition, FINA-approved technical suit maximizes performance and gives athletes the ultimate advantage over their rivals.

FINA Approved

Hydrosphere Technology

  • Leading-edge technology causes water to surround fabric, not saturate it.
  • Optimizes the swimmer’s position in the water.
  • Reduces drag to maximize speed and efficiency.

Supersonic Flax Bonding

  • Advanced engineering: Fully bonded seams conform and stretch naturally.
  • Precisely fitted, ultra-compressive design that won’t restrict natural movement.

Speed Dry Fabrication

  • Proprietary coating: Repels water and keeps suit dry.
  • Compressive construction for support.
  • Keeps swimmers lightweight and fast.
  • 70% Nylon, 30% Lycra® Spandex.